Monday, May 3, 2010

Orange Chicken

I got this yummy recipe from my friend Jen (

(I also got the picture from her website since I forgot to take one.  Mine looked the same except had the different colored peppers)

2 chicken breasts, cubed.
3/4 c. apricot preserves
1/4 c. Catalina dressing (Fat free or light)
1/2 onion soup mix
1 can pineapple tidbits (save 1/2 juice for cooking veggies)
red, yellow, orange, or green peppers, about 1 cup chopped
1/2 med. sweet onion chopped


Saute pineapple, onion, and green pepper in juice of pineapple for about 6 minutes. Add onion soup, preserves, and dressing. Mix. Take off heat and mix in chicken. Cook "concoction" in a 9x9 pan at 350 for 30ish minutes, or until chicken is cooked.

Serve over rice and with a side of lo mein (that recipe coming soon as as I can get it the way I want it)

It is about 5 pts. for a 4oz piece of chicken (if SF dressing is used).  My hubby even liked it and he doesn't like "diet" food.  THis is definately something I will make more

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