Sunday, May 16, 2010


I am going to be redoing a few things on my site.  I'm not going to include only Weight Watcher recipes, but all kinds. I am lately getting on a bread making kick and freezer meal kick.  Which I guess are healthy ways too.  Homemade bread doesn't have all the preservatives and whatnot in it.  We just bought a deep freeze so I have been trying to make some meals that I can freeze for later, which will save us some money in the long run.  Freezing your own meals is a healthier alternative to fast food and pizza on the nights you don't feel like cooking.  I also got a big new crock pot for Mother's Day so I'm going to include some yummy crock pot recipes too.  I will try to put the point values on what I can, but not everything will have, but I guarantee that everything I put on here will be yummy!!!

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