Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Broiled Tilapia Parmesean

Don't you get sick of chicken and beef all the time?  You can only have pork chops so much too.  I like to change things up once in awhile, but I am a cheapskate and don't want to fork out the money for the expensive cuts of meat.  Usually the only fish I like is salmon and I can't stand it when it has that "fishy" taste.  You know the taste I'm talking about.  Since some fish can be expensive too, it's hard to find a good quality one without the "taste."  Then I discovered tilapia.  This is fast becoming one of my favorites.  It is nice and tender, and doesn't taste fishy (can you tell how obsessed I am with my fish having a certain taste?).  One of the best things about this recipe is how fast and easy it is.  It is a nice and simple recipe.

½ c. parmesean
¼ c. butter
3 tbsp. mayo
2 tbsp. lemon juice
¼ tsp basil
1/ 4 tsp pepper
1/8 tsp oinion powder
1/8 tsp celery salt (I use celery seed and it a dash of salt)
2 lbs tilapia

Mix parmesain, butter, mayo, lemon juice. Add basil, pepper, oinion powder, celery salt. Set aside.

Broil tilapia fillets 2-3 minutes, flip over and broil 2-3 more minutes. Remove from oven, cover with parmesean mix. Broil until browned and the fish flakes easily.

I usually broil mine in the middle, so it takes about 6 minutes on the first side, then once I flip it, I broil it for about 5 minutes, then add the mix and broil for about 5 more minutes.

I love how simple this is to make, plus, it is low calorie.  It's a nice welcome change from the usual suspects for dinner.  Even if you're not a huge fan of fish, give it a whirl.  Tilapia is a nice, tender fish.  You will love it!

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